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"Galileo" Drop Pendulum Clip On Earrings

  From O'EL Designs' Spring/Summer 2020 Collection,


Inspired by the nuts and bolts found in a kinetic wooden toy. This "Galileo" Drop Clip-On Earrings,  with its' pistachio and indigo graphic details , is named after by an Italian astronomer "Galileo Galilei" who first discovered the "Law of the Pendulum".  





"Galileo" Pendulum Clip-On Earrings

Only 1 left in stock
    • Height 3.5 " x Length 0.5" x Width 0.87"
    • Handmade In The Philippines
    • Lightweight Industrial Plastic
    • With clip-on rubber paddings for comfort
    • Comes with a canvass pouch for storage
    • Laser-cut and hand-assembled
    • Product Care Instructions 
    • *** Disclaimer: All items are handmade so there may be slight variations on the piece in terms of the cut off the material and color.
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