O'EL, Launched of August 2016 Is an artisanal contemporary fashion accessory brand, based in Manila, Philippines. It embodies playfulness and creativity through its fun linear graphic patterns, bold juxtaposition, and modern inspired products. 


 Partnered with faith each piece is designed by Filipino Designer Noelle Llave and hand crafted by her team of artisans from a community in Parañaque and Marikina City.


Using unconventional materials, such as up-cycled car seat leather, plastic and Veg-Tanned leather, It is a symbolism of innovation and empowerment to each wearer, harnessing their individualism - to stay carefree and to think outside the box.


“Empowering individualism through each design

created through hands and by faith.”



A fashion & accessories designer,

Noelle Llave took Fashion Design and Merchandising

at Manila’s prestigious Sofa Design Institute 

(School Of Fashion & The Arts). For her, O’EL is a faith driven dream realized after seven years from its inception as fashion accessory prototypes for her 2011 collection, “Geometric Symmetry”.


Her main inspiration behind the brand’s 

personal design aesthetics are architecture, art and her vast imagination brought to life are also the guiding light behind O’EL Designs. 


To date, Noelle continues to focus on expanding O’EL distribution 

locally,throughout Asia, Europe and the States. She owns a formal and ready to wear ladies clothing brand and a bridal collection under her name and enjoys taking on freelance projects as a graphic designer.

Designer's Ladies RTW/Formal/Bridal Website:

Model with leather cuff bracelet and statement earrings
Noelle Llave
ZECH. 4:6
Metro Manila, Philippines
O'EL Designs 2019