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At O'EL Designs, we believe that it takes a village to create something great. We strive to build a strong and diverse team of people to create and collaborate with. We recognize the value of working together, and through our collective knowledge we are able to create products of great quality that are both sustainable and successful. We believe in creating a positive and meaningful impact on our community through our work, and to that end we are committed to creating a safe and inclusive space for our team and customers.

To achieve O'EL's artisan leather bags, our pieces are carefully crafted by local master artisans from Marikina City, a city renowned for its export quality workmanship and shoe and bag making. From start to finish, each bag is handmade with the utmost care, ensuring that each piece is one-of-a-kind and made to last. With O'EL Designs, you can be sure that your bag is a well-crafted work of art.

 "Created by hands and faith"

Here in O'EL one of our core missions is to impart knowledge and skills to our local community.


Our statement pieces such as our bold earrings and

other fashion accessories are hand crafted with care by

trained women artisans from all over Metro Manila,

in cities like Paranaque City and Silang,Cavite. 



The materials used to create our leather bags , are created from vegetable leather

(a sustainable leather which is created from natural tannins like the bark of the tree and other eco friendly natural tannins), and cow hide leather .

 To create our laminated leather earrings and other small accessories, we use

 reused up-cycled synthetic leather which are sourced from

local suppliers and from tanneries abroad like Taiwan.

While our innovative materials used for our home decors and handles

 are made from industrial plastic, a durable material usually used for building construction, are cut and finished by hand carpentry.

To care for your O'EL pieces, please visit "Material Care"

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