"Ruakh" Hand Beaded Leather Clip-On Earrings

 " We're trying something new here this 2020 and it's beading!!"


From O'EL Designs' latest Limited Edition 2020 Capsule Collection,

"Ruakh" (roo-akh) is inspired by a Hebrew word which means "wind" or "Spirit" or breath of God.

These intricate clip-on earrings made with love by O'EL Designs' designer, Noelle and her team of young artisans is constructed with hand laminated up-cycled leather, corded suede and hand-beaded with plastic beads.



"Ruakh" Hand Beaded Leather Clip-On Earrings

    • Height 2" x Length 1.63" x Width 0.25"
    • Handmade In The Philippines
    • Laminated Up-cycled Car Seat Leather
    • Flat Suede Cord
    • Felt Backing
    • Plastic Beads
    • With clip-on rubber paddings for comfort
    • Comes with canvass pouch 
    • Hand Beaded and Hand Assembled
    • Product Care Instructions 
    • All items are handmade so there may be slight variations on the piece on cut off the material and color.