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"Likha" In Rosey Pink Veg-Tanned Leather Bucket Handbag w/ Removable Straps


   We know you ladies love your mini handbags, this newly revised bucket bag now with removable and adjustable cow-hide genuine leather straps for comfort is inspired by a Tagalog word "Likha" which means to “Create”.


  Lovingly made by hands by a local master craftsman in Marikina City

("The shoemaking capital of Manila"), this one of a kind is constructed with imported vegetable-tanned leather, cow-hide leather, and mendable lightweight plastic.



"Likha" In Rosey Pink Veg-Tanned Leather Bucket Handbag

  • Material: Vegetable Tanned Leather

    This leather is tanned using natural extracts from tree bark. Because of its unique characteristic, when exposed to sunlight or water it will develop a natural patina giving the leather a beautiful dark shade.


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