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"Awe" In Cotton White & Bright Yellow Clip On Earrings

Our Best Seller is back!


"Perfectly imbalance“

The “Awe” statement clip-on Earrings now in Cotton White & Bright Yellow though different in size and in design, but when paired together makes a beautiful statement piece for any simple outfit.


Inspired by a child-like characteristic of always being “In Awe” and illustrations from world-renown author Dr. Seuss. This pair is handmade with love and made from unconventional materials such as suede and mendable lightweight plastic.


This piece sets also wonderful reminder to never loose your child like wonder . For in awe you see the world much more beautiful.

"Awe" Asymmetrical In Cotton White & Bright Yellow Clip On Earrings

Only 1 left in stock
    • Right Earring Dimension: Height 1.5 " x Length 1.37" x Width 0.11"
    • Left Earring Dimension: Height 1.5” x Length 1” x  Width 0.11”
    • Handmade In The Philippines
    • Lightweight Industrial Plastic
    • Flat Suede Cord
    • With clip-on rubber paddings for comfort
    • Comes with a box for storage
    • Laser-cut and hand-assembled
    • Product Care Instructions 
    • *** Disclaimer: All items are handmade so there may be slight variations on the piece in terms of the cut off the material and color.
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